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Driftwood Ave, Rye, VIC, 39411800 668 9am-6pm
Handmade timber door furniture with custom mixed media art inserts. Hundreds of different techniques, processes and artist’s secrets are utilized in the creation of the door furniture we offer. We go to great lengths to make sure that each piece of art we create will be as special to you as it is to us making it.

Commission knobs

Select and determine what handles/knobs you require for your home or business premises. For example hardware for wardrobes, cabinets, entry way, kitchen or bathroom.

Wood turning process

All knobs are hand made by Victorian artisans in Rye, Victoria from local timber species. Each knob is unique in colour, size and texture which adds to the originality of your commissioned door furniture.

Timber selection

Timber species create a real escapism between the door and the handle. This process allows you to explore timber colour variations as the base section of your handle, prior to the art face. Size options 50,70,90,120,150mm.

Artwork creation

Each commission includes the face area of the handle to include an original design or a client supplied art insert. Provide our digital artist with a brief or upload a image yourself to be included on your art knob.

Previous commissions

What we do

Art Door Knobs, Rye, Victoria hand turn and fabricate unique timber decorative hardware of the highest quality with the use of some of Australia’s finest timbers.

Custom handles are available for any new or existing home with many options available. Shower door knobs can be made to match the wardrobes and cabinet knobs to offer a complete matching set throughout your home.

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